What should be the number of sessions and duration of sessions in laser epilation?

The number and duration of sessions in laser epilation should differ from person to person, depending on the area to be treated. While the sessions can last between 2-5 minutes for a small area. It can take 1-2 hours for the whole body. There should be at least 1 month between sessions. As the number of sessions progresses, the period of hair growth increases and the sessions are applied every 2 months.

Diode Laser

Diode laser is the name given to lasers at 810 nm wavelength. These lasers have different properties from other laser applications. The treatment head used in this technology is cooled down to -3 degrees and protects the skin from burns and indications. Diode laser application is not applied with fixed shots, but by “ironing” the hand device used over the skin, this is called ironing technology. Diode ironing lasers go deeper than other lasers and are more effective in deeply located hair. In addition, diode ironing lasers are more effective on thin black hairs that other lasers do not see, therefore, on the face, back, arm and upper leg areas. The biggest advantage of diode ironing lasers is that they can be used in all skin types.

In the first stage of the application, the area to be epilated is shortened with a shaver. Glasses to protect the user and the practitioner from laser beams are worn and laser application is performed by means of a handheld device. The handheld device ensures that the laser beam generated by the laser machine is delivered to the skin and repetitive laser shots are applied to the skin. After these laser shots, hair follicles are destroyed and lose their new hair-generating functions.

During laser epilation, the skin must be cooled. This cooling is done by using cold gas and cold air or various gel products in order to avoid any problems on the skin. In order for laser epilation to be effective, the hairs must be in their roots and in the active growth phase called anagen. For this reason, procedures based on removing wax-like hairs from the root should not be performed until 3 weeks before the operation.

Will there be pain after laser epilation?

After the laser epilation application, redness in the area and a slight swelling around the hair occurs due to the application structure. When moisturizing cream is applied, this reaction will disappear completely within 1-2 hours. Some sensitive skin may develop crusting on the skin surface; These crusts return to normal within 1-2 days. It is important that the laser epilation area is not exposed to sunlight for 2 weeks.