Baby Face

What is Baby Face Beauty?

Baby face process is an application that is used in dirt treatment and skin renewal areas and shows outstanding success. Micro-channels with an average diameter of 100 microns are opened in the skin with laser beams. Then, in accordance with the problem of the individual, nanoparticles containing stem cells in the form of vitamin C, retinol, resveratrol, tranexamicacid are fed to the skin.

Thus, the laser effect also provides antioxidants, brightening and illuminating effects in the products. This process has many differences from other lasers. First of all, the short duration of the treatment is a very good feature. The process is completed in 7-10 minutes. It is a painless procedure. Therefore, there is no need for anesthesia. Due to a short rash, people can return to their daily lives immediately.

How to Apply Baby Face?

People who want to have this procedure are consulted by the doctor who will make the application, and then micro channels are opened to the skin with laser mode. In the meantime, whatever the problem of the skin is, the selected pharmaceutical product is prepared and processed. Baby face application As a result of 4-5 minutes of laser applications, the product preferred by doctors is applied to the skin.


The spreading process should be provided by feeding. After the skin absorbs the product, some creams are applied with a barrier. Sessions are carried out in this way. Usage areas are used in many areas such as dirt treatments, melasma, skin renewal, reduction or prevention of fine lines and wrinkles, antioxidant skin care, skin tone regulation, enlarged pore treatments.

What are the Benefits of Baby Face Application?

It offers many advantages to people who have skin care procedures. First of all, it has benefits in the form of classical skin care, pore and skin tightening, skin whitening, brightening, removing wrinkles, melasma, pigment reduction, scar reduction, neck and décolleté areas care, neck rejuvenation. The benefits of baby face treatment are quite high.

It gives great results to the places to be applied. Maintenance is often carried out in two stages. After 4 and 6 minutes of laser treatment, the holes created with laser support in the second part are fed under the skin. After that, an average of 10 minutes of mask application is provided. Later, the brightness of the skin and the application area draws attention.

Who is Baby Face Applied to?

This process is also known as thulium laser. It can be expressed as an advanced skin care and repair process. It is a process that meets the appropriate substances according to the skin needs. Baby face procedure can be used by everyone when the desired response cannot be obtained from skin care procedures. In addition, it has an effect that rejuvenates the skin with traditional laser treatments.

It gives quick results without waiting time. It is an excellent method to achieve a brighter and wonderful skin tone in a short time. It can also be preferred for people who want to improve their skin tissues before waiting. It is also suitable for those looking for a long-term skin care procedure that can remove skin deformities and damage and prevent the formation of new ones.

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How many sessions should baby face be applied?

It is an excellent procedure for skin rejuvenation and renewal, which is among the laser procedures. Thanks to the micro rays given under the skin and the appropriate amount of energy without waiting, it heals the skin problems in a wonderful way. The session duration is the recommended rate of 5 sessions in order to get a good result. Baby face prices also vary according to the number of periods.

For example, although the result is obtained after 5 sessions are completed, an addition can be provided according to the skin structure. Every skin’s needs are different. Therefore, the physician who performs the application makes the right decision. It can be acted in line with the expert’s directions.

What Should Be Considered After Baby Face?

Those who make this application, which is included in the skin care method and those who think to do it, should pay attention to many points. People should follow special procedures before or immediately after application. There is no side effect other than a slight redness after the procedure.

A special situation is not expected for those who have had a baby face procedure. Baby face treatment is a process that affects the upper skin and the layer in the lower skin. Although there are small crusts in the places where the procedure is performed, it is not a noteworthy situation. The crusts should not be torn off, the crusts will fall off by themselves in a period of approximately 10 days and the skin will show itself on a new surface.