Esteticium, dinamik bir estetik, plastik cerrahi ve sağlık yaşam merkezidir. Estetik Merkezi ve diğer tüm hizmetlerde hasta memnuniyeti ile hizmet vermekteyiz.


What makes the Vampire Facial different from an ordinary facial filler is that platelets are a component of blood that naturally stimulates growth and tissue

Vampire Facelift

Scar tissue is a damaged tissue replaces the natural skin. It can be formed because of acnes, fungal infections, surgical operations, burns and wounds.

Acne Scar Removal Treatment

Our skin, which is great for us,has been established as a science department of Dermatology (Dermatology,Skin and Venereal Diseases) in order to provide treatment for the underlying disorders.


Our skin ages due to the environmental factors and time. As a result, it seems duller and drier and lose its elasticity.

Salmon DNA Treatment

Unwanted hairs are the major aesthetical problem both for women and men. Developments in laser hair removal technologies make it possible to getting rid of them in a practical and pain-free way.

Laser Hair Removal



Medical skin care is performed by a professional who uses dermocosmetic products. It is preferred to regenerate the skin, to clear of remnants of oil, make-up products and of black spots.

Medical Skin Care


Wrinkles are the prominent obstructions for a youthful appearance of the skin. They may come out of hereditary grounds or lifestyle habits.



&Facial mesotheraphy (mesolift) is administered by injecting a mix consisted of hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and amino acids under the skin with the help of fine needles.


Vaginal deformation is caused by aging, frequency of losing and gaining weight, childbirth or sexual intercourse.

Non-surgical Genital Aesthetic

It is one of the most popular treatments among the non-surgical aesthetic procedure.
Non Surgical Face Lift

Under-eye bags and dark circles causes our face to seem tired and aged though we do not have wrinkles. Almost everybody has under-eye bags and they are hereditary, usually.

Under-eye Light Filling

This treatment is applied by the blood plasma which is obtained from one’s own blood and is rich with growth factors in order to resurface the skin.

PRP Skin Care



Ultheraphy is not an operation. This treatment aims to increase the collagen production on skin and on 5 millimeters tissues that cannot reached by non-surgical methods and lasers.

Face Lift with Ultherapy