Pencil Method - DHI Hair Transplant

DHI pen technology or Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) is the injection of roots taken with the FUE method into the skin via the Implanter. It is a method of experiencing a more advanced, successful, painless and rapid healing process in the field of hair growth.

With DHI technology, hair roots are planted one by one in the area where hair is to be added. Each hair root is cultivated as a maximum living root with the DHI pen developed for planting in its own angle, direction and depth. The cultivated hair will grow and dwell throughout your life. The entire procedure is carried out by DHI-trained specialist doctors. DHI Haircutting method Hair roots are prepared individually as 1mm or smaller pieces with special tools removed from the donor area. The roots are protected at appropriate temperatures and in special solutions without breaking, cutting or handing. The hair roots will be added directly to the area to be added, at 1mm or smaller, with the DHI pen technology, without previously opening the holes and cuts. When the depth, direction and angle are applied to each graft separately, it is obtained with the living roots and long hair that does not spill for life.


  • Hair transplantation With fine-tooth pens, the result is highly dense.
  • The stylo technology gives more natural view because it choose the easier direction.
  • Since there is no need to open the canal, the current hair on the baldness area will not be damaged.
  • Bleeding in the area where the implant will be less harmful due to lack of necessity to open the channel
  • After the operation, the improvement will be rapid and there will not be any tension on the head
  • Before the operation, its not a necessary thing to cut the existant hair.
  • Tissues have a high rate of survival in the cultivated area.
  • Less harmful to transport follicles.
  • High density, natural image and appearance
  • High comfort using the anesthesia without needless and painless.

The roots taken with the FUE method are placed inside the pens by the nurses. The doctor injects the root into the skin by adjusting the depth, direction and angle of the pens. The needle is automatically retracted and the stem remains under the skin.

Since the pens are thinner than 1 mm, it is possible to sow at any desired rate, without cutting any existing hair, and between the diluted areas, without leaving any marks and pits in the beard and mustard areas. In addition, eyebrow cultivation, which looks completely natural, can also be done. We prefer two different sized needles for single use. 0.8 mm for 1 and 2 grafts; For 2, 3 and 4 grafts we use a 1 mm needle.


  • Hair transplantation
  • Beard transplantation
  • Mustache transplantation
  • Eyebrow transplantation
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