Diode Laser

Diode is a laser device which has 810 mm wave length. It has different aspects compared to the other laser devices. The treatment tip is cooled to -3 centigrade degree in order to protect the skin from burning or indications. Diode laser implementation is not administered by constant pulses and the hand devise is hovered over the skin just like ironing. Diode laser beams can reach further than the other laser beams and it can destroy the follicles placed deeply in the skin layers. Diode laser beams are more influential on thin but black hairs therefore; they can destroy the follicles on face, back, arms and thigh areas. The most important advantage of diode laser implementation is that it can be used on all the skin types.

Does the patient feel pain after laser hair removal implementation?
After the implementation, blemishes and swelling can be observed around the follicles. Moisturizing cream is applied on the skin and those blemishes fade away in one or two hours. Crusts may be formed on sensitive skins but they will fall of easily in one or two days. It is important to protect the implementation area from sun exposure for two weeks.

How should the number and the duration of the sessions be?
The number of the sessions and the duration of them vary from person to person and targeted areas. While a session may take two or five minutes for a narrow area, it may take one or two hours for the whole body. Each session should be received at least every other month. The more the number of the sessions are the more it may take to grow the hair and then sessions should be made every two months.

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