Esteticium, dinamik bir estetik, plastik cerrahi ve sağlık yaşam merkezidir. Estetik Merkezi ve diğer tüm hizmetlerde hasta memnuniyeti ile hizmet vermekteyiz.


FUE (follicular unit extraction) method is applied under local anesthesia by shingling and transplanting the hair into the channels in the hirtellous area or bald patch.

FUE Hair Transplant


In addition, there is the so-called plasma, and plasma is a white fluid that tends to yellowish, which gives fluid to the blood and facilitates its movement.

Magellan Tru PRP


Eyebrows can be influenced by environmental or genetic factors and they can weaken or fall of just like our hair. Besides, there are a lot of people who does not have eyebrows innately or adventitiously.

Eyebrow/Beard/Mustache Transplantation


Hair loss is a serious problem both for men and women. Almost each day, a new treatment for hair loss is developed.

Hair Mesotherapy


If PRP injected into hair roots, keratinocyte and epithelial growth factors provided by trombosites contributes to prevention of hari loss.

PRP Supported Hair Treatment