Light Fill

Under Eye Light Filler

Even if you don’t have much wrinkles, under-eye bags and bruises can make your face look tired and old. Under-eye bags, which are found in almost everyone, usually occur due to genetic reasons. Another reason for detention bags is irregular life, alcohol use and allergic reactions. Under-eye light filling is a special skin filling procedure for under-eye. In this process, with very fine-tipped mesotherapy needles, areas such as around the eyes, under the eyes, under-eye bags and tear troughs can be given volume. The light filling method is an extremely effective method in rejuvenating the eye contour and removing bruises, lines and rings.

When applied to people with complaints such as light filling, under-eye bags and bruises, a clean and healthy image appears very quickly. Grooves between the cheeks and under the eyes, depressions, and bagging in the lower eyelid can be successfully treated. The protein, vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants contained in the filling content also provide a significant reduction in under eye dark circles.

Which substances are used in under-eye light filling applications?

  • Under-eye filling applications use hyaluronic acid substance , which is a filler that melts over time and can be melted using hyaluronidase when necessary. Because of this feature, hyaluronic acid can be used safely in the sensitive under eye area.
  • In under-eye filling applications, hyaluronic acid material, which is a filler that melts over time and can be melted using hyaluronidase material, is used. Hyaluronic acid can be used safely in the sensitive under eye area due to this feature.

What should be considered when choosing hyaluronic acid filler in under-eye light filling applications?

For application, hyaluronic acid fillers with fine structure specially developed for use under the eyes should be preferred. The structure of hyaluronic acid used under the eye should be compatible with the sensitive under eye area.

Is under eye light filling a painful procedure?

Since under the eye is a very sensitive area, it is often questioned whether there will be pain during the procedure. While applying under-eye light filling , patients do not feel pain due to the application of local anesthesia.

Pointed needles that may cause vessel ruptures, bleeding or any adverse situation are not used in light filling. In filling, operations are performed using a special blunt-tipped needle called a cannula. Therefore, there is no pain during or after the filling.

How long does the effect of under-eye light filling last?

Under-eye light filling has a rejuvenating effect around the eyes for 9-12 months. Since hyaluronic acid is used during the treatment, the effect of the treatment lasts long.

In short, if the under-eye light filling is made with hyaluronic acid, the effect of minimum 1.5 years continues. The duration of the treatment also depends on the individual. There are people whose detention light filling preserves its effect even after 3 years. The retention time is prolonged after each light filling renewal.

What should be considered after the application?

The under eye is an important area. In order for the hyaluronic acid injected during the application to settle correctly where it was injected, it is very important not to rub the eyes, sleep face down, not do sports by tilting the head forward, and not contact the face with hot water and make-up materials for 1 week.

Does under eye light filling application affect my social life?

Under-eye light filling application is made with tiny needles and temporary bruises that can be covered with make-up may occur after the application. Since there will be no noticeable bruises on your face after surgery, you can easily continue your social life.