Lip Filler

Lip Filler

Lips are one of the most important parts that complement the aesthetic beauty of the face. Like the nose, lips also attract a lot of attention because they are located in the middle of the face. In history, plump and lively lips have always been seen as a symbol of attraction. Some people’s lip structure may have a thin and uncertain appearance. In addition, lips lose their vitality and fullness as our age progresses. The purpose of lip aesthetics is to make the lips thicker and more pronounced without losing their naturalness. Lip aesthetics can be performed using fillers or surgical methods without the need for a surgical operation. Which method to choose is decided according to the condition of the lips of the person and aesthetic preferences. In addition, lip aesthetics can be applied in the form of thinning or shrinking if there is more than normal thickness on the lips.

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Which methods are used for lip aesthetics?

Lip aesthetics operations can be performed using surgical or non-surgical methods. Which method will be chosen is determined by the condition of the lips of the person and aesthetic preferences. Non-surgical methods are the most common methods and they are performed using filling materials. Generally, hyaluronic acid or the person’s own adipose tissue is used as filling material. In the lip thickening procedure performed by surgical methods, a piece of tissue taken from an area of the body is placed through an incision through the lip. Surgical lip aesthetics are performed by applying local anesthesia and are more permanent than those with filling materials.

Is anesthesia done in lip aesthetics?

Local anesthesia is usually applied in surgical operations. In cases that do not require surgical intervention, anesthesia may not be used.

Does the healing process take a long time?

Our lips are one of the points where blood circulation is excessive in our body. For this reason, bruising and swelling may occur at the end of the operation. These bruising and swelling will disappear within a period of 7-10 days.

How is lip thinning done?

Lip aesthetics is not always done to thicken lips. In some cases, a thinning operation can be performed to reduce the excessively thick lips. In the lip thinning operation, an elliptical piece is removed from the mucous membrane of the thick lip along with the fatty tissues and stitched with a technique in which suture marks are not visible. This procedure is performed by applying local anesthesia.