Non-surgical Genital Aesthetic

Vaginal deformation is caused by aging, frequency of losing and gaining weight, childbirth or sexual intercourse. Loss of vaginal tightness may lead to physical and social problems. Enlargement of vaginal canal and loss of elasticity causes complaint of urinary incontinence and has adverse affects on sex life. Consequently, marriages and relationships are imperiled. Non-surgical vaginal tightening process is applied without narcosis in 30 minutes and is an effective method.

How is non-surgical vaginal tightening treatment decided?
Loss of vaginal tightness is a problem that a lot of people have but do not tell it out. This problem brings along sex life problems. It is decided during the appointment with your doctor that whether non-surgical vaginal tightening process is suitable for you or not. Patients are highly satisfied with the results of this process.

How is non-surgical vaginal tightening process applied?
Specially designed noninvasive laser is used for this treatment. It is applied inside the vaginal canal and it not only triggers the formation of collagen but also regenerates the existing collagen in tissues. Thanks to this process vaginal canal tightens nearly twenty percent. Radiofrequency applied inside the vagina is administered with Viveve technology which can solve the problems of inability to have orgasms.

When can the patient move on his/her social and business life?
Non-surgical vaginal tightening process is applied without narcosis in 30 minutes and the patient can move on her social and business life right after the process is done.

How long does the healing process take?
Patients should avoid having sexual intercourse for three or four weeks.

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