Face Lift with Ultherapy

Ultherapy is a treatment to lift the sagged and creased skin by using ultrasound devices. It is mostly preferred because it is assumed as an alternative treatment which does not demand a recovery time and bear no risks in comparison with the surgical face-lifting treatments. Thanks to Ultherapy, rejuvenation and recuperation without surgery is possible on cheeks, sides of the mouth, face contour, jaw line, brows, jowl, forehead, supraorbital and décolleté area.

How is Ultheraphy applied?

Ultheraphy is not an operation. This treatment aims to increase the collagen production on skin and on 5 millimeters tissues that cannot reached by non-surgical methods and lasers. It is applied by focused sound waves. Thanks to the Ultheraphy, hot spots are created under the skin and collagen production is triggered. The skin will look younger and more elastic with the help of increased collagen. Firming and tightening process can be observed on skin in a short time. Lifting effect obtained in only one session can last for two years.

On which parts of the skin is Ultheraphy effective?

Ultheraphy can be applied on jaw-line, cheeks, jowl to fix sagging and on supraorbital and décolleté area to reduce creases.

When can the patient move on his/her social and business life?

Applying Ultheraphy takes 30 or 40 minutes and the patient can resume his/her life right after the implementation. Blemishes can be formed on some type of skins but they are temporary.

When does Ultheraphy show its results?

Rejuvenation process starts right after the treatment. It is fully effective after 90 days.