Wrinkles are the prominent obstructions for a youthful appearance of the skin. They may come out of hereditary grounds or lifestyle habits. Esthetical filling implementations are the methods used throughout the world for the wrinkles on face and many other reasons. These methods are preferred commonly and the principal reason of this preference is that they take effect swiftly and influentially though they are simple methods.

What is the intended use of esthetical filling implementations?

Esthetical filling implementations are used for padding and decreasing creases on the face and also for amplifying areas on the face such as lips, cheeks, chin and cheekbones.

What is the range of the application of esthetical filling implementations?

These implementations can be applied to the full area of the face depending on various reasons. Some of those are listed below.

  • Dissolving forehead lines away
  • Padding creases on glabella
  • Decreasing the wrinkles around the mouth
  • Filling the nasolabial cavity (the line reached from vibrissa to the sides of lips)
  • Reducing wrinkles which reach from the sides of lips to the chin
  • Shaping the eyebrows
  • Bringing the cheekbones into view
  • Underlining the shape of the lips and recasting asymmetrical ones
  • Increasing the markedness of the pogonion and jaw line
  • Treating the hereditary or subsequent deformities on the face

What does the padding is made of?

The padding is hyaluronic acid which is already a part of our natural body system. Hyaluronic acid is a highly reliable product which has been used in European countries like Italy, Switzerland, Germany, England, and France since 2007. It is not expected that hyaluronic acid causes to allergic reactions.

How long the healing process takes after the medical application?

Medical applications take effect immediately. After the first few hours of the treatment, cold application is put to use and the patient can be given a massage if it is necessary. The edema formed after the treatment withers on the first day usually.

Will there be any results that can affect business life and social life adversely?

Hyaluronic acid is injected after topical anesthetics and local anesthesia is applied. Injection process is practical and painless, generally. Formation of edema is at the minimum level and there are no results that can affect business life or social life adversely.

Can the filling implementation be applied multiple times?

The persistency of the hyaluronic acid in human body varies. Therefore filling implementation can be applied again 8 to 18 months after the first treatment, if required. Filling implementations can be applied with the same padding for supporting, if the padding in the range of application is insufficient.