Forehead Lift

Myectopy in eyebrows and creases on the forehead are the first signs of aging. They distort the aesthetic appearance of a youthful face and they make you look tired. These situations have detrimental effects on your social life. Forehead lift surgery is made to prevent the formation of the creases on forehead and of myectopy in eyebrows. This surgery is administered to give a younger look to the patient.

How is forehead lift surgery decided?

It is important to see your plastic surgeon before deciding forehead lift surgery. Your plastic surgeon will examine either you have health problems or not and examine your face type, your skin and your scalp in order to determine the most suitable method for you.

How is forehead lift surgery administered?

Forehead lift surgery is performed by a surgeon in an operating room after the patient is examined by an anesthetist because this operation is administered under general anesthesia. Incisions are made on the scalp therefore; possible scars will be covered by hair. It is a successful operation administered by removing the excessive skin from the forehead and the muscles which cause creases are weakened.

What should patients avoid after forehead lift surgery?

Patients should apply cold compresses on the forehead and raise their head by putting extra pillows under their necks in order to reduce the possible empurpling and swelling after the surgery.

How long does forehead lift surgery take?

This operation takes one or one and half hours.

When can the patient move on his/her social and business life?

Empurpling, swelling and mild aches may be observed after the first 3 or 4 days and taking painkillers is sufficient for those aches. After dressing and controls, the patient can move on his/her social and business life starting from the fourth day of the healing period.

In what cases is forehead lift surgery is administered?

Thanks to the forehead lift surgery, you can reduce your creases on the forehead and the problems with your brows. Side view deformities and caved in forehead can be treated with this surgery, too.