Gum Aesthetics

When we talk about the aesthetics of our faces, we have to consider our teeth and equipment. All beauty of the face has to be in harmony.

Gum aesthetics are judged by factors such as how our gums appear when smiling or speaking, whether the color leaves a healthy impression or not and whether it is proportional to the teeth.

People may not be able to judge the topic as a dentist, but they think the image is generally wrong or incomplete.

Healthy gums have certain criteria. Color – surface texture – fullness – impermeability are evaluated considering many factors. These criteria are evaluated during the dental examination and necessary treatments are defined. After receiving health, the evaluation process can begin with an aesthetic point of view. By using the laser technology for a pink aesthetic, the gums can be arranged at the right intervals.

Dark stains caused by external factors in the gums may have a healthy and beautiful appearance at the end of some laser technology sessions.