Magellan Tru PRP

In addition, there is the so-called plasma, and plasma is a white fluid that tends to yellowish, which gives fluid to the blood and facilitates its movement. The plasma liquid is of water, proteins, inorganic ions, organic matter and dissolved gases , The basic function of plasma in the body is the transfer of food for the cells and it is the transfer of the outputs of the metabolism.

Plasma has been used previously in many medical fields in the treatment of bone and heart, and has been used in the field of cosmetic medicine only about thirty years ago.

When injecting the scalp with plasma, it renews the cells and stimulates the production of collagen and protein. These are two substances that make up the second layer of the skin, which gives the skin freshness and vitality. This makes the scalp strong and healthy and has the ability to germinate new hair and nourish it properly. The hormone that causes hair loss.