Medical Skin Care

Medical skin care is performed by a professional who uses dermocosmetic products. It is preferred to regenerate the skin, to clear of remnants of oil, make-up products and of black spots. These factors bring forth the paleness of the skin. Medical skin care can cleanse your skin swiftly and it is important for skin health beside aesthetic appearance. After the treatment your skin will be more resistant to the environmental effects and be tightened.

How is medical skin care implementation administered?

It’s initial step is determining the needs of the patient’s skin according to the results of an overall skin analysis. The skin is prepared for peeling by being cleaned from oil, dirt and make-up remnants. Peeling process involves the usage of herbal dermocosmetic products which clears the dead cells. In the next step, the patient takes a vapor bath which expands and softens the pores on the skin. After all the black-spots and oiliness is cleared, the skin is disinfected thoroughly by giving high frequency. The last step of the medical skin care implementation is applying moisturizer and nutritive mask. Additional implementations may be administered according to the needs and the structure of the skin.

What should patients avoid after receiving medical skin care treatment?

Expanded pores revert in a few hours after the treatment is received. But in a few hours, your pores may be filled with dirt or make-up remnants easily. Foundation, face powder or blusher should not be used after on the very next day.

Does sun exposure after the treatment damage my skin?

Medical skin care treatment rejuvenates the skin and clears the dead-cells on the surface. After the treatment your skin is vulnerable to environmental factors and it should be protected well against sun exposure.

How often should medical skin care treatment be received?

Medical skin care treatment should be received once in a month in order to maintain a healthy and aesthetic appearance of the skin.

What are the benefits of medical skin care treatment in the long term?

Medical skin care treatment contributes not only to the aesthetic appearance but also to the health of the skin if it is received regularly. Blemishes and creases are reduced; precautions are taken against aging, your skin tightens and grows stronger against environmental factors in time.